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Our Desert safari company offers the best services when it comes to desert tours. We are the proud owner of a desert camp in the middle of Al Khatim desert with fleets of desert vehicles and dedicated safari drivers that are the building block of a memorable and mind blowing desert experience.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Abu Dhabi, and head for the desert on a sunset adventure. Take an exciting 4WD drive across the desert dunes, ride camels, and sit down to a barbecue dinner at a desert camp, with live entertainment.

Evening Desert Safari

Admire the two faces of Abu Dhabi by starting out from your hotel and witnessing the bustling streets merge with the dunes of the desert. This 6 hour desert safari Abu Dhabi starts out in the afternoon combines the thrill of a bumpy sand dune ride with the elation of a camel ride in sunset and a taste of Emirati delicacies.

Morning Desert Safari

Explore the beauty of the majestic dunes in more than just one way! This desert venture will be one of the best adventures to relive when you are in a mood for a thrill. This extraordinary Abu Dhabi morning desert safari is a heady tour to the magnificent Abu Dhabi desert and an insight into the traditions of this golden land.

Overnight Desert Safari

Nothing screams UAE like the desert and the best chance for you to get to know the beauty of Emirati living is an overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi. Get into the heart of the desert aboard a land cruiser and enjoy an exhilarating ride across the golden dunes with a multitude of scenes where you will be tempted to get your camera out for a click or two.

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