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Privacy Policy

Desert World Abu Dhabi is entirely responsible for the confidentiality of your private details. Any information obtained through the site will only be used to enhance and customize our tours. All of our holiday packages and tours are abiding to the rules and regulations of UAE.

Details collected from site users

  • Basic details

    All personal information you provide us through the site is properly documented and stored. These basic details comprise of your name, Postal Address, Date of Birth, E-mail ID, Credit card number, etc. Apart from that, Information like frequent flyer number, preferred hotels and car rentals might also be asked. The user holds the entire right to not provide any information deemed not important for tour arrangements.

  • Statistic details

    Whenever a user visits our website, we store information from their system including the browsing software used, duration of visit, IP address, geographical location, etc.

Use of details

Any transaction details taken by us for your travel arrangements are only utilized for the preparation of your tours. Any other information is used for communication purposes and the enhancement of your site experience, to modify our website for providing our users with better customer experience and for statistical surveys. Please take note that your email ID will only be utilized to keep you updated on the latest tour and travel packages


When payments using credit card, debit card, cheque or any other type of payment method are made for booked tours or any other services provided by Desert World Abu Dhabi, your payment will be managed by a payment solution provider selected by us. Your transaction details won’t be stored for further use.

Sharing of Details

  • Outside dealers

    Any outside dealers who provide you with services on behalf of us are authorized to utilize specific information for the purpose of customer services, marketing purposes, etc.

  • Service providers

    Desert World Abu Dhabi strives to make your travel experiences memorable by using diverse service providers like Hotels, car rentals, airliners and activity providers. When a tour is booked by you, you give us the authority to share the required details with them.

Disclosure of Details

Keeping in mind all lawful methods and procedures to protect against legal cases, for the execution of legal rights and as required by the law, we claim entire right to lodge any reasonable complaint or waive an accessible right.
We hold the entire right to investigate, discard, evade or take action against any illegal or suspicious activities for the purpose of safeguarding the property and rights of Desert World Abu Dhabi and the company website. This is done to provide protection for our clients and other parties, mostly with regards to the terms of service and in situations of a corporate merger, sale of asset, divestment or the rare possibility of liquidation.

Collection and usage of details

It’s entirely up to you to evade from providing the information you consider unnecessary apart from the obligatory details that are required for the booking of any tour or for obtaining any offers shown on the website.

Securing Details

What we expect when providing our services is to give you an exceptionally safe and enjoyable visit to Desert World Abu Dhabi site. We have applied all security procedures and specialized methods to help with data assurance. Aside from that we utilize encryption while transmitting details between your framework and use firewall and malware identification frameworks to keep under control unapproved access.

Alterations in the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy decides our methodology of how we involve and process the individual data that you impart to us or gathered by us at whatever point you visit our site. This security approach applies to any reason with the purpose of protecting Desert World Abu Dhabi site. Any revision will be effective immediately and approved until the following alteration authorization.