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A tour to Hatta heritage village and Hajjar Mountain to enjoy a day in the beauty of inner village and mountains. Your Tour guide will take you to the best venues at Hatta at this tour.
per person450.00
Off-beaten paths, Bedouin traditions and entertainment are awaiting to be explored in the deserts of Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the sand dunes with a hummer dune bashing session, get up and personal with the Bedouin lifestyle as you adorn yourself with henna paintings, smoke shisha and take a camel ride into the sunset.
Mangrove Kayaking Tour’s Overview Enjoy an unforgettable Mangrove Kayaking in Abu Dhabi in your holiday in U.A.E.. Experience the surrounding
per person150.00
Embrace the adventures of the Abu Dhabi Desert and experience the thrill of the sand dunes. Start off riding the dunes in a land cruiser, ski down a sand hill and ride the ships of the desert with Bedouins to keep you company. Are you ready to embrace the thrill?
Musandam Tour
If you are someone who stays in Abu Dhabi and crystal clear water, pre-historic mountain paranomas, colorful marine world under the water and an unforgettable diving or snorkelling experience are what you seek, this Musandam Tour from Abu Dhabi will surpass your expectations.
Get to the basics of life in a desert as you experience the customary style of Bedouin living. Take an exciting ride through the desert sand dunes, ride aboard a camel, enjoy Arabic entertainment, relish a buffet dinner, smoke a shisha pipe and relax under the starry sky.
per person250.00
You need just a board and a paddle and a little bit of balance, Next you need to know how to get on the board and how to use your paddle, the best way is to ask someone at the beach to help you with little bit of tips with a little bit of practice you will master quicker than you would even think.
per person550.00
Overview Onboard a traditional dhow, in the Eastern Mangroves of the Arabian Gulf, you will discover how the pearl divers
per person350.00
Quad Bike Tour’s Overview Experience a new taste of adventure with the thrill of a quad biking ride in the
per person1100.00
Overview Seawings is the perfect seaplane tour that offers a snapshot of the UAE capital’s cityscape and its beautiful natural
per person250.00
Overview Abu Dhabi Sunset Cruise is a cruise along the coast of Abu Dhabi cutting across the clear turquoise waters in