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Falcon Hospital Tour with Transportation


Meet the majestic falcons of Abu Dhabi’s Falcon Hospital to learn the history of falconry as well as the life of falcons in modern times. Hold a falcon and visit a free-flight aviary to see them swoop through the sky


Dating back centuries, falconry is a unique tradition that is well preserved in Abu Dhabi. Take a trip to the Falcon Hospital in the capital and learn how these birds were used in the Bedouin culture throughout the years.

Historically part of the Bedouin culture, the falcon is UAE’s national emblem, reflecting the ancient traditions of the Emiratis’ interaction with these birds. Embark on a tour of one of Abu Dhabi’s popular tourist attractions and discover for yourself the rare falcon and falconry displays combined with a live interaction session with these majestic birds. The trip also includes photo opportunities to forever preserve your day as well as insight into the population protection of these stunning birds of prey.

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350  AED for Adult

300 AED for Child

Abu Dhabi, UAE
2 hours

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