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Paddle Boarding Tour

Paddle Boarding Tour’s Overview

Paddle boating in the Abu Dhabi is all the rage! Experience this trending adventure in your visit to Abu Dhabi where you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature while experiencing adventurous or a peaceful paddle boat excursion.

It doesn’t matter whether you an adventure or a peace seeker because paddle boating allows you to proceed at your own pace. Leave the cities of concrete and let yourself enjoy some nature while enjoying some fresh air.

It’s ok, if you have no experience in stand-up paddle boating, as we have our SUP instructors ready to instruct you anytime. Come and explore the beach of Abu Dhabi on a paddle boat with our Abu Dhabi Paddle Boarding Tour.


Are you excited about an Abu Dhabi Paddle Boarding Tour? Then, all your need is a boat and a paddle and gut to say ‘yes’ to new experiences.

Taking you to the shallow coastal stretch of Abu Dhabi, this Abu Dhabi Paddle Boarding Tour guarantees you an unforgettable stand-up paddling tour which will fill your memory book in U.A.E. The still water of the narrow coastal stretch and trees grown on the banks makes it a perfect place for travellers to enjoy some time with the nature listening to the chirping birds and enjoying the paddling.

Providing you with experienced SUP instructors, we’ll give you all the instructions and guidance before you start, so you can start your first paddle boating tour with much more confidence. Don’t worry as  stand up paddle boating is super easy once you learned the rhythm and techniques which usually takes a very short time than you might think.

Then, hit the water and paddle at your own speed enjoying the nature and the breeze blowing by. Calm water and silence of the surrounding make its perfect meditation for those who seek peace and serenity.

If adventure is what you are after all you have to do is speed up the rate of paddling a turn it to a little competition with your friends. Stand-up paddling being a great workout for the entire body, this is a great opportunity for you to burn some calories during your holiday without feeling annoy like you feel at the gym.

Assuring your safety throughout this Abu Dhabi Paddle Boarding Tour, we provide you with all the necessary safety measures and high-quality equipment. With a dedicated staff working behind the scene to ensure your safety all the time you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoy your paddling boat ride.


What is Included?

  • 1 hour paddling adventure
  • A tourguide

What is not Included?

  • Transfer
  • Tips


  • 250AED per and Adult


Abu Dhabi, UAE
1 hour

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